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BEST Return On Investment

ez Free Best Bet is a thoroughbred handicapping system intended to help you in the selection of the best bet in any horse racing. Using the free morningline odds or the racetracks pool odds, the system calculated for you the best bet to win, place and show, the best ROI and the long shot selections.
Our feature program, Planet Bet (the Analyzer), is designed to calculate the most probable result in a race using the Entropy of the race. The maximum Entropy represents the most probable results and are calculated using odds converted to probability as the base data. For conveniences we use the morning-line odds or the odds to win resulting from the player’s bet, since both are available to everybody and are free. Though, it can seem as a very lightly approach to the horse real probabilities, the final result after being evaluated as a whole by the system is a best and better selection than the one resulting from a bare and sole use of it.
ez Free Best Bet

ez Free Best Bet

Let's try to figure out how are a day in the races. Could be your day. You have one of those system that computed every single angle in any particular race. Class vs Speed, You are covered. Speed figures, seconds per furlong,you got it from start to end. Pace, that's what's your systems make better. Statistic, Jockey, Trainer, easy ones. Patterns, a matter of numbers. How will he run today, that's what we are taking about. If you paid for a system that produce its own odds you can use those as a data on Planet Bet (the Analyzer) to dramatically improve your probability of success, because as you should note, the final race result, too many times,does not has any relation to the final result predicted by those system, even the winner could be one with no any previous good race the reason to be of these systems. But we want give our sincerest thanks and give credit to them, they are doing a great job.

BET TO WIN in horse racing
Parimutuel odds is a system used in horse racing sport to determine the payouts on races. In Parimutuel system the odds are determined by the betting pool. The betting pool represents the overall bet.
The horse betting game offers a chance to turn, low-moderate capital into huge profits. But for that you need an strategy, an edge.  How to bet on horse, best bets, betting to win, fair bet, place a bet, sports betting, betting line, all in one word "horse racing systems". In Morningline is our major concern give you the best bet in any horse racing, in any place in the world and that's mean better ROI.In parimutel betting, the gambler, bets against other players and to success in the races you must have an edge over the others, and success mean more winning tickets. Nine of every ten players will loose their money in favor of the other "one", that in turn, will pick the money from the looser. Planet B give you that extra edge, helping you to cash your tickets, to be part of the "Ones" .Race of 6 to up to 20 horses are analyze to pinpoint the best bet in every races.

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Best Bet on Horse Racing


Extremely friendly inter-phase, higher percent of win and the use of free Data make this system different and a great resource for the casual or professional player.



Planet Bet


Every single player in every Race Track has a system (time and money included), and new or serious player, depend on it to pick the winner, because even though, we love the races, nothing better than to be a winner.

Based in that, ez Free Best Bet, The Analyzer, use all that knowledge, all that time and money invested by all and every other single player in all and every Race track, to give you the edge, to put you in the winner line. That means that you will have an overall view, a more consistent bet and better and best chance to be a winner.

We know how stressing and time consumption that could be find good bets. And how frustrating could be, at last, at the end of the racing day take your ticket, and tear it up when your bet doesn't pay off. ez Free Best Bet's Analyzer, give you more time to enjoy a day at races, free you from the stress, giving you the consistency needed to succeed without spend hours trying to figure out the outcome of the races. Just input the horse's numbers and odds for the race (if you would like you can input the horse name,but is not needed for the calculations), and the system will do the rest: Bet to Win, Place/Show, Best ROI, Long shot and the BBAR will calculate the best combination based on ROI.
Our system uses two types of data and both are FREE!! The Morning Line Odds or the  Racetrack Pool Odds (win) .

Trifecta Ex.

Trifecta Calculated

Exacta Ex.

Exacta Calculated

FREE Data!!!

There are other programs that you can download free but those programs are useless unless you buy the data files that they need to run.The data files for one race-card, one racetrack, one day will cost you more than you would pay for one month plus unlimited use of Planet Bet .And if you like to bet online you will have, depending on your location, so many race-card, racetrack each day that would cost you a lot of money only on data files.
So, make a wise decision, take a chance, you don't have nothing to lost.

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TwinSpires.com a Churchill Downs Company

Myfreebestbet.com is an affiliate of TwinSpires.com, a Churchill Downs Company. As their affiliate, Myfreebestbet.com has been able to work out a great
promotion for our members who haven’t yet registered for a TwinSpires.com wagering account.You can Download for $0.00 our six month version (Bronze). For details, please, visit FREE Download page.


Extremely friendly inter-phase, higher percent of win and the use of free Data make this system  different  and a great resource for the casual or  professional player.

NEW Standalone Version

ML Odds: FREE Database!!!


myfreebestbet.com does NOT accept any kind of bets

Fuco(f ound unique cash opportunity)

BET TO WIN in horse racing is an analysis tool. Myfreebestbet.com does not accept bets. We recommend check your local or state government regulations before get involved on online gambling, cause this may be illegal in your state.
Planet Bet
Contact us at: jotaegc@myfreebestbet.com

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