Best horse racing system calculator

PlanetBet is the best horse racing system calculator intended to help you in the selection of the best bet in any horse racing around the world.

Our system calculator use the free morning-line odds or the racetracks pool odds as data. The system calculate for you the best bet to win, place and show, the best ROI and the long shot selections.

Our software, PlanetBet  is designed to calculate the most probable result in a race .
Our unique algorithms use the natural entropy principle to statistically calculate the best playable combination for you. Why a horse with a very poor past performance won the today's race ? It's the natural entropy working on and here we don't show you "how", we give you the results.


Planet BET

Churchill Down E

PB Sel

Actual Results

Through ODDS ON




Actual Results

A Day in the Races
Let's try to figure out how are a day in the races. Could be your day. Do you have one of those horse racing system that computes every angle in any single race. Class vs Speed, you are covered. Speed figures, seconds per furlong, calculated from start to end. Pace, that's what's your systems make better. Statistic, Jockey, Trainer, easy ones. Patterns, a matter of numbers. All of these are based on past performance.

best horse racing system calculator

But, honestly, very often the winning horse has a very poor past performance. Those are the horse that make the difference. Those system will give you the favorites, and there are no way to be a winner if you base your betting on favorites.

The final race result, too many times, does not has any relation to the final result predicted by those horse racing system that you paid for, and even the winner could be one with no any previous good race. Therefore, those horses does not have any opportunity based in the analysis of your paid system. Those are the horses that put the big money in your pocket. The analysis done by PlanetBet, our horse racing system calculator, will pinpoint those horse and giving you the chance to win big money.

If you paid for a horse racing system that produce its own odds you can use those as a data on PlanetBet (the Analyzer) to dramatically improve your probability of success.

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See an example below.
Example : SARATOGA 08/25/2017 2ND RACE

Planet B

Saratoga E

PB Res

Actual Results

Example : SARATOGA 08/12/2017 2ND RACE

Planet B

Saratoga 2 E

Saratoga Res

Actual Results


Best horse racing system calculator

Parimutuel odds is a betting system used in horse racing sport to determine the payouts on races. In Parimutuel betting system the odds are determined by the betting pool. The betting pool represents the overall bet.  The horse betting game offers a chance to turn, a low-moderate capital into a big money.

Maximizing Your Opportunities

For that you need an STRATEGY , an edge.  How to bet on horse, best bets, betting to win, fair bet, place a bet, sports betting, betting line, all in one word "horse racing system". In Morningline is our major concern give to you the best bet in any horse racing, in any place in the world and that's mean better ROI.

In parimutuel betting, the gambler, bet against other players and to have success in the race you should have an edge over the others, and success means more winning  tickets. Nine of every ten players will lost their money in favor of the other "one", that in turn, will win the money from the looser. Our horse racing system calculator software gives you that extra edge, helping you to cash your tickets, to be part of the "Ones".
Races of 6 up to 20 horses are analyze to pinpoint the best bet in every races.

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Best horse racing systems calculator

Extremely friendly inter-phase, higher percent of win and the use of free Data make this system different and a great resource for the casual or professional player.



best horse racing system calculator


Every single player in every Race Track has a system (time and money included), and new or profesional player, depend on it to pick up the winner, because even though, we love the races, nothing better than  be a winner.

Enjoy a day in the races.
We know how stressing and frustrating could be a day in the races. All the time and money invested for, at last, end with a non winner ticket , and tear it up when your bet doesn't pay. Our system give for you more time to enjoy a day at the races, free you from the stress, giving you the consistency needed to succeed, without spend hours trying forecast the outcome of the races. Just , let the system work for you, in the easy way. And remember all the data is always FREE!!!
Free yourself from those system.
Bet to Win, Place/Show, Best ROI, Long shot and the BBAR, all are going to be calculated for you.
Our horse racing system uses two types of data and both are FREE!! The Morning Line Odds or the  Racetrack Pool Odds (win) .

FREE Data!!!

There are other systems that you can download free but those programs are useless unless you pay for the data files that they need to make any calculation. The data files for one race-card, one racetrack, will cost you more than you would pay for one month of unlimited use of PlanetBet. And if you like to bet online you will have, depending on your location, a lot of chances to win.

best horse racing system

Data files would cost you a lot of money. So, you just need to make a wise decision, giving to our system a chance.


Extremely friendly inter-phase, higher percent of win and ROI and the use of free Data make this the best horse racing system calculator different and a great resource for the casual or  professional player.

NEW Standalone Version

ML Odds: FREE Database!!!

TIME IS GOLD does NOT accept any kind of bets

Fuco(finding unique cash opportunities)

PLANET BET is a horse racing system calculator. It's an analysis tool. "" does NOT accept any kind of bets.
We recommend check your local or state government regulations before get involved on online gambling, cause this may be illegal in your state.
PlanetBet is a resource and an additional alternative that has the player in search of
winners in a horse race and under no circumstances should be regarded as a guarantee of success.
Player is solely responsible.
Play responsibly.

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